Get FREE SHIPPING on all orders above $75.00. 7A Unprocessed Human Hair (16"18"20) is now $89.99! Down from $144.99!
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    We are similar to your local beauty supply stores, but we are based near Atlanta, GA. Our goal is simple. Provide the BEST customer service while fulfilling fast shipping for our customers.

    Since we are based in the US, most of our orders from our warehouse will ship out within 1 business day. In short, you'll receive your items on average 2 days after the order has been processed from our warehouse.

    Some products ship directly from the factory to guarantee FASTER delivery, rather than having to stop at our warehouse to fulfill.



    Honestly, it's simple. Buying in large bulk from the manufacturer means we can purchase products at a lower price than your average stores. By buying 1 product in boxes, instead of paying $10 for a pack of hair, we can buy it for $7 and pass that savings to you.

    So why can't your local beauty supply stores do it? Because they simply have too many inventory. If they purchase 1 product in surplus, they simply can not manage their other inventory. They do not have the budget and space to display 500 pieces of 1 product.

    By eliminating storefront display floor space, we can focus on purchasing products in bulk to reduce the cost and storing them in our warehouse with minimal overhead expenses. 

    Our selections may seem small, but they rotate EVERY DAY, and it's our way of achieving our low pricing infrastructure.

    So, in short, we buy cheap & sell cheap.